State 1

Building communities and putting ideas into action based on "circular economy" logic. At this point, we will finish some test dapps, deploy them to real players, and collect feedback from them.

State 2

Phase one concludes with the listing of IFP tokens on CMC and CGK. This stage is better understood in the project's Roadmap section.

State 3

To create a "game ecosystem, " adjust, upgrade, and launch a series of followup dapps. Large marketing campaigns are now launched, rather than just a few games. This phase will conclude with the placement of IFP tokens on small and medium-sized Cex exchanges.


Predators Investment Fund aims to become a venture capital fund in the Crypto world. We look for and invest in promising young projects here.

Currently, we want to build a fund with an initial bnb and a project called Investment Fund Of Predators (IFP) with a token of the same name with a Dev team of young people. To be able to maintain a stable and sustainable price increase for the IFP token, we are based on a completely new concept in the crypto world, that is: "sustainable circular game economy".


How You Get Benefited

Benefits of IFP Hoders

Buy and hold, token will growth over time, you can take profit.

We're developing mini game ecosystem, you can use IFP tokens to play the games and receive more token from that games.

Beside, we have a staking system with high APY, you should stake and take profit from pool.

The Road Map

  • Phase 1

    Club Establishment Investment Fund of Predators (IFP)

    - The idea and establishment of the club.

    - Develop internal rules, operating rules and slogans as well as development orientations.

    - Web design and establishment of interactive social networking channels.

    - Build a community group step 1 to reach 1000 members.

  • Phase 2

    Deploy IFP SmartContract

    - Write and deploye Investment Fund of Predators contract.

    - Stealth launch IFP token

    - Basic marketing and support IFP token 100x since initial price.

  • Phase 3

    Buy Back and Develop App

    - Dev Team buy back 5.000.000 IFP token for Staking Dapp

    - Dev Team buy back 5.000.000 IFP token for spin to earn dapp.

    - Dev Team buy back 3.500.000 IFP token prepare to add more to the pool.

    Develop Dapp.

  • Phase 4

    Launch Dapp

    - Devnet dapp spin to earn.

    - Testnet dapp spin to earn.

    - Mainnet dapp spin to earn.

    - Big marketing: Partner announcement, hugo calls, logo, logo dextools, applied CMC & CGK...

  • Phase 5

    Preparing to update new roadmap

    - Project overview state 1.

    - Complete listing on CMC, CGK.

    - Preparing for new dapp: play to earn.

    - Update roadmap for state 2.

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